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In the anniversary of Abu Khdair burning: Israel is the Criminal

In the anniversary of Abu Khdair burning: Israel is the Criminal

Muhammed Abu Khudair

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Gaza Post- Rewaa Abu Helow

Palestinians are being subjected to daily atrocities and crimes practiced by Israeli troops and armed forces, however, the killing of Palestinian child, Muhammed Khudair, has been the most heinous and brutal crime with a flagrant racism background.

On this day, five years ago, a group of Israeli settlers, driven by a huge amount of hatred and racism that are fueled by the official Israeli establishment, had kidnapped the young child, severely tortured him, and burned him alive.

Palestinians were outraged in response to this awful crime. They flocked into streets with very angry voices protesting the crime and the racism that feed Israeli hearts and minds.

Marking this heartbreaking anniversary, we have to admit that those three racist settlers are not the only criminals. Israeli authorities, their foundations, and their policies that always incite their people against Palestinians are the snakehead.

Israeli authorities justify their peoples' crimes and racist actions against our people because they believe that Palestinians are not "humans" and must all die. 

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