US Administration Willing To Change Palestinian Leadership; An Israeli General Said

US Administration Willing To Change Palestinian Leadership; An Israeli General Said
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Gaza-Gaza Post    

The former coordinator of the occupation government, General Eitan Dangov, said that the administration of US President Donald Trump has recently sought to talk about replacing the Palestinian leadership, adding that this left concerns and fears in Ramallah and Gaza.

    He added that the Palestinians are interested in relations with the Gulf states. However, the alliance with Iran is a top priority for Israel and the United States.


     He also said that the Palestinian leadership, which felt that it was swallowed up by the Israeli-GCC cooperation in the fields of security, technology and economy  "According to the website “Arab21.”.

    He explained that this development has led the Trump’s administration recently to talk about the replacement of the Palestinian leadership, leaving an atmosphere of concern and fears in Ramallah and Gaza, while Israel sees the situation is ideal, the Palestinians have shown opponents of peace, outside the game, with the Gulf states on the pretext of common interest against Iran.

    Two years ago, former United Nations envoy to the United Nations Nicky Hayley issued a statement on the US administration's substantial cuts in the UN budget in fiscal year 2018-2019, saying that the cut-off was an important step on the right track for the United States.

    She explained that she would continue to seek ways to increase the efficiency of the United Nations while taking into account the interests of America, adding that the inefficiency and excessive expenses of the United Nations know them all, and will not let them enjoy the generosity of the American people.

    She noted that the historical cut of the United Nations, along with many other actions, aimed at making the Organization more effective and responsible.

    The United States currently pays 22 percent of the UN budget, about $ 3.3 billion a year.

    For his part, an Israeli writer said that "collapsing of the Palestinian Authority has become real, because the brakes that prevented its collapsing in the last period fell, as the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hostage to the hands of extremists; the desire to remain at the forefront of the Israeli political scene, while Mahmoud Abbas lives  a dramatic end to its the political era, and despite the strategic risk that surrounds the Palestinian-Israeli situation, there is still a glimmer of hope."

    Ben Caspit, a political analyst for Israel Plus, said that "the warnings of the collapse of the Palestinian Authority began from its inception nearly 25 years ago, and the warnings were escalating and falling from time to time and ultimately proved to be nothing more than a scare.

    He also pointed out that "every time Israel froze funds of the Palestinian Authority, its leaders, without exception, are handing over the keys to Israel, and dismantling the  power, and every time this scenario stopped at the last minute, Israel is effectively affected by the threat of the old woman in the province, but this time it looks real."

    He explained that "the parties to the serious game prevailing today are Netanyahu bound by the demands of the right to form his fifth government, Abbas desperate patient who is serving the end of his political era, while the leaders of the region and the world are frustrated by this issue, despite their efforts to prevent the fall of the Palestinian Authority.

     He pointed out that "Netanyahu has worked in the past to serve the Israeli strategic interest, which saw the survival of the Palestinian Authority, and continuity, a clear Israeli security need, today Netanyahu's interest is focused on the survival of the head of government in Israel, because his partners in the coalition government accelerated in the scenario of the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, Chaos solutions, and consider it a typical virtual reality.

    "Netanyahu has previously played the role of responsible official who stops transferring funds to the Palestinian Authority on the one hand, and on the other hand turns them into the other hand, and succeeds in dancing on these fine ropes, but today the situation looks completely different. It is not about freezing the funds of the Palestinian Authority,  unilaterally for its money, which it grants to the families of the perpetrators of armed operations based on a law passed by the Knesset in July 2018.”

    He added that "the danger today that Israel, which is reducing the funds of the Palestinian Authority because of that law, may find itself in the next phase between the rubble and rubble, may long to the situation that has already collapsed, and will seek to return the harvest to the bottle.

    "The Israeli security system is very concerned about these developments, and the heads of the Israeli security services know about the close coordination and security cooperation they are conducting with the Palestinian security services, which contributed significantly to the security stability in Israel and the West Bank."

Written By; Tariq Rami al-Sharif

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