An Ethiopian killed by Israeli soldier's gunfire

An Ethiopian killed by Israeli soldier's gunfire

Israeli soldiers

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Gaza Post- Palestine

An Ethiopian young man was killed in occupied Haifa on Sunday at night after an Israeli soldier had opened fire on him, the second Israeli television reported.

The Israeli channel said on Monday morning that Israeli occupation military police opened an investigation with the policeman to investigate in the circumstances of the shooting.

"The policeman is under rest now." The channel added.

"The police officer claimed that he didn't mean to kill the man and he just opened fire to end up a quarrel among a group of Ethiopian citizens." According to the channel.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses reported that the policeman, who was wearing civilian clothes, took out his personal pistol, directed it towards the young man, and killed him.

The eyewitnesses denied that fights were taking action in the place.

"The policeman deliberately killed our son. He killed him with cold blood and without any justification for killing," the family of Salmon Tikka, the murdered, said in a statement.

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