UNRWA Financial Crisis

UNRWA: Our schools are exposed to closure

UNRWA: Our schools are exposed to closure

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"UNRWA schools in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank might be closed by the end of 2019 due to UNRWA critical financial crisis." head of UNRWA Operations in Gaza, Matthias Shamali, warned in a meeting.

Shamali said in a meeting with Press House Foundation in Gaza, "UNRWA has been fundraised to re-open its schools by the beginning of the new educational year following the New York conference.


"However, it may be forced to close down its schools' doors again after one month of its re-opening due to the insufficient funding," he added.

Shamali pointed out that UNRWA's emergency and basic budget in 2019 is estimated by $ 1.2 billion for the five governorates.

The operational head of UNRWA added that there are hundreds of frozen jobs in which UNRWA can't fill due to the lack of sources that disables UNRWA to recruit new staff.

Accordingly, the pressure on the current UNRWA stuff working in Gaza has drastically risen up.

Moreover, UNRWA needs $ 60 million to continue to provide food assistance to poor families living in Gaza until the end of this year, according to Shamali. 

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