Trump into North Korea

Trump into North Korea

Trump into North Korea
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Gaza Post / International


While his visit in the region for G20 summit in Osaka, yesterday, Trump travelled to the DMZ with south Korean leader Moon Jaein.

The meeting between the two leaders was organized yesterday, after Trump tweeted Kim Jong-un suggesting they meet.


Donald Trump has invited Kim Jong-un to the US during talks at Korean peninsula’s demilitarised zone after he became the first American president to step into North Korean land.

Later, Trump said that the meeting was historic, meanwhile he criticized those who said that nothing had been come about from his summits with Kim which occurred last June earlier this year.

Along with the meeting, Trump announced that new teams would be set up by the three parties to the negotiations. After the announcement, Trump was asked during a press conference whether he believed that North Korea’s previous negotiations were still alive, he answered, “ I think they are.. I know one of them is alive”.

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