Hunger Strike

Israel imposes new sanctions on Palestinian hunger strikers

Israel imposes new sanctions on Palestinian hunger strikers

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Gaza Post- Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli prisons' administration imposed new sanctions on a Palestinian prisoner because he is going on a hunger strike in Israeli jails, according to news reports.

Palestinian Prisoners' Center confirmed on Sunday that Palestinian hunger striker Ja'far Ibrahim Ezz al-Deen from Oraba town southern the occupied West Bank city of Hebron has been subjected to new Israeli sanctions imposed on him.

That is, the jails' administration has deprived him of receiving family visits for about a month.

Ezz al-Deen has started his open hunger strike since the day when he was informed about the order of his three-month arbitrary administrative detention.

It had been decided to set him free after serving five months of detention in Israeli prisons and before taking this arbitrary Israeli procedure.

The prisoner has been going on the hunger strike for the fourteenth day in a row, protesting this unjustified order.

In a statement issued by his family, Ja'far has been insisting on the strike until his demands to be freed come true.

His family pointed out that he is experiencing severe pain in his hands and legs around the clock. As he is suffering from constant dizziness and pain in the left kidney.

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