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What do Palestinians have to do to confront Deal of the Century?

What do Palestinians have to do to confront Deal of the Century?

No to the Deal of the Century

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Gaza Post- Agencies// 

Palestinian factions must achieve reconciliation in order to reject the “deal of the century”, a Palestinian official said in a press statement on Friday.

Senior Islamic Jihad Leader Nafeth Azzam said, "It is the responsibility of all of us to achieve reconciliation." Adding, "We have to work hard to end the division between us and reach an agreement that makes us strong enough to face the deal of the century.


He stressed out that there is “nothing new” in terms of the reconciliation on the ground, noting that the Egyptians have not stopped putting pressure on Israel to commit to the understandings.

“Egypt is still pushing forwards the terms of the deal pledged by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government,” he said.

Adding, "There are Qatari and UN efforts being exerted in this regard."

Regarding the so-called "Peace to Prosperity" conference held in Bahraini capital Manama this week to discuss the economic aspects of the deal, Azzam said, “The American plan is political and the economic side is not real.”

He stressed that none of the ideas discussed during the conference would be implemented.

He added, "The US exaggerates its pledges to seduce the Palestinians to sign deals, but when they do, none of the pledges materialize. This is what happened during and after the Oslo Accords."

Source: MEMO

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