In solidarity with Palestine

Pakistan condemns Israeli atrocities against Palestinians

Pakistan condemns Israeli atrocities against Palestinians

Pakistani and Palestinian Flags

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Gaza Post- Pakistan

Pakistan confirms its support to the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people liberation, said the Pakistani deputy speaker of National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri in a meeting in Islamabad late Friday. 

Suri said in a meeting with a three-member delegation led by the president of al-Quds Parliament Hamid al-Ahmer that the government strongly condemns the atrocities perpetrated by the Israeli armed forces against Palestinians.

The deputy speaker confirmed that Pakistan has always stood by Palestinian people.

"The international community should exert pressure on the Israeli entity to end up its oppression and violations against the innocent Palestinian civilians especially women and children," Suri stressed out.

He added, "Liberation of Kashmir and Palestine have been longstanding unresolved issues  that needed to be taken holistically at an international level."

The deputy also condemned the forceful recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

Meanwhile, the president of al-Quds Parliament appreciated such support expressing that Pakistani people have been standing for the just cause of Palestine.

He confirmed that both Kashmir and Palestine issues were almost the same in nature and needed to be resolved.  

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