We All Are Mu'in Beisiso

We All Are Mu'in Beisiso

We All Are Mu'in Beisiso
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Gaza Post/Eman Tallouli

Two days ago, a campaign had been launched by a group of Palestinian youths to express their rejection towards the “Bahrain Conference”.

   The campaign followed the symbolism of Palestinian poet Mo'in Bisiso, who was known back in the 1950s of his principles rejecting liquidation projects especially in Gaza.


    In a meeting with Hasan Jamal Aldawoudi, one of the campaigners and a founder of the so known Palestinian Electronic Army “ihbid 194”, he told Gaza Post that the campaign was found to express Palestinian rejection towards the Manama workshop which was held in 25th and 26th of June. “Our campaign came beyond all Palestinians refusing the “Deal of the Century", he said.

He continued, “Our goals from this campaign are summed up in transferring our rejection through our personal accounts on social media to those who participated in the workshop on behalf of Palestinians without their permission”

From his point of view, he believes that producing a  readable and visual content shows Palestinians, Arabs and international will of rejecting the Bahraini workshop in all its technicalities.

Why now?

Aldawoudi stressed that the campaign was launched in parallel with the approach of the Manama workshop, which aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause. “A Palestinian electronic effort was needed to reflect this rejection before, during and after the workshop”, Aldawoudi said.


What is your message as Palestinian youth?

“Our message is to carry the  free from all over the world, headed by the Palestinians to tell those participating in the conference that they only represent themselves”

Through decades, as admitted, all attempts to absorb Palestinian consciousness have failed, meanwhile it will not succeed in forcing us, as Palestinians, to give up our rights.

“We All Are Mo’in Bisiso” came to say: Palestine is not for sale.


Who is Mo’in Bisiso?

    Mu'in Beisiso, one of the most important poets of the Palestinian resistance, had been involved since his youth in defending Palestine, national liberation, democracy and social progress. A reason which led him to spent seven years in prison.

     He contributed through his work, with Mahmoud Darwish and Samih Qasim and others, to carry Palestine to the world. He was known for being a poet of "masses".  His poems were characterized by smoothness of language, richness with symbols, provocative nature and bias towards content.

   Beisiso called for a renewed revolution. He was also one of the prominent Arab theater writers. He left us six plays, which were part of the political stage then. In 1975 Dar al-Farabi printing house in Beirut, Lebanon, published his Literary Collection which consisted of 27 books.


      Mu’in Beisiso was born in Gaza.



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