How to apply makeup for beginners?

How to apply makeup for beginners?

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There are ten simple steps for a perfect makeup that can beginners follow:

When it comes to wearing makeup, it can sometimes look like a bit of art or a dauntless task if you don't know where to begin and you may end up avoiding it altogether.

Don't fear it and follow these few simple steps:

Step 1: Cleanse your face with some soap so that is ready for the makeup process. Before applying foundation, it is good to use a moisturizer to prepare your face and keep it moisturized.

Note: Some people prefer to apply a primer after the moisturizer. A primer helps to keep any foundation in its place and stops it from smudging off the skin throughout the day.

Step 2: When applying a foundation, you can either use a foundation brush, sponge or use your hands. Take a little pea sized amounts of the liquid, start placing it on the T zone of your face, your cheeks, and work outwards towards the neck. Don't rub it too hard as it will damage your skin.

Step3: Powder foundations are a bit different from liquids. Take the powder and use a pad applicator or a light brush. Start by brushing the powder onto your face in gentle sweeping motions.

Step 4: Concealer is not a necessary step for everyone. It is more suited to those who prefer to hide bags under eyes or to add a little brightness. Take your concealer and carefully dab it under the eyes and blend it with the foundation you applied.

I'm attaching for you a video that shows to apply concealer, and it is really helpful for beginners:

Step 5: Applying eyeshadow can be the easiest step and it can easily be done using your finger. Take a basic light coral or a pink color, sweep your brush across the color and then dab any extra product on your hand. Please carefully apply it onto the eyelid. You can close the eye while applying if you prefer, but an open eye will allow you to see how it will sit when you are in your natural setting.

Step 6: Apply mascara: it has to be applied with a very gentle touch, any mistake ends up with poking your eye. With practice, you will never do this again when applying mascara. As the types of it can come in all different styles and functions. Repeat putting the mascara 5 to 6 times until you get enough product onto the lashes.

Step 7: Use eyeliner: Just like learning to ride a bike, try to practice and practice. Get as close as possible to the mirror. Take your chosen eyeliner and make dots with the eyeliner above the life from the inside of the eye line to the end of the lash line.

Note/ By starting by dots rather than going straight ahead with a drawn line, you avoid the risk of doing it the wrong first time around. You can start to join the lineup bit by bit. If you did it correctly, you would have a straight enough line which looks quite nice.

Step 8: Now it is time for the eyebrow: use an eyebrow pencil once you have found the shape you like. To first make sure your eyebrows are in good shape, use a pair of tweezers to remove any sparse and outgrown hairs. Take the eyebrow pencil in your hand and lightly run it over the eyebrow hairs in an upward motion like as if you were filling in any blank lines.

Step 9: A blusher gives you a little bit of color and brightens up your face. Finding the right color for your face depends on your skin tone. Bronzer is also a popular makeup product. It helps to add some warmth to your face and can also help to contour the overall face shape to give the appearance of a slimmer face.  

Note/ Applying blush is a very easy task to do. With a light touch, take your brush or applicator and dab some of the product onto it. Give your best smile and lightly dust any extra off while looking into the mirror. A little bronzer can help bring some sunshine to any face. Take a bronzer brush, swipe some powder onto the bristles and then press the brush onto the back of your hand to remove any excess.

Step 10: Last but not least, A highlighter is also good to apply. Use a separate brush for it to highlight the area of the face. This process is called "contouring". Carefully wish the highlighter over the area above the cheekbone up towards the head and anywhere else you feel a little highlight would look nice. This can include over the temple of the head, over the bridge of the nose, at the edge of the eyebrow bone and across the chin.