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Rowhani Said “Trump Is Mentally Retreaded”; Iran And USA Latest News

Rowhani Said “Trump Is Mentally Retreaded”; Iran And USA Latest News
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IRAN/USA-Gaza Post  

 Iranian President Hassan Rowhani stressed that US sanctions on Tehran reflect the desperation of the United States.

   "The White House is suffering from intellectual damage, because it faces a problem every day," Rohani said in a speech on Tuesday. Adding "Iran is patient with strategy but is not afraid of anything.”

   He continued: "US sanctions will fail and the White House as well", stressing that “the sanctions against Iranian leader Ali Khamenei is useless, because he does not have assets abroad.


   The Iranian president said that the Americans proved that they are liars in their claim and want to negotiate.

   Referring to the American plane, Rohani said that the Iranian response to the violation of the US aircraft took place within minutes and was hit by a homemade system.

   US President Donald Trump signed an executive order imposing tough sanctions on Iran on Monday.

   Trump said the sanctions came in response to Iran's downing of an American plane. He also said that the sanctions would target Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Trump continues his speech saying that he was not seeking to erupt a conflict with Iran and would like to reach an agreement with them.

   Iran's ambassador to the United Nations, Majid Takht Ravanchi, said the new sanctions imposed by Washington "do not respect the international law," stressing that there is no chance for opening dialogue between the United States and Iran as long as the threat of sanctions remains.

   Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said the US decision to impose sanctions against Iran's leaders and other senior officials would permanently close the path of diplomacy between Tehran and Washington.

Written By: Tariq Rami al-Sharif

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