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Official: It is time to end up Palestinian division

Official: It is time to end up Palestinian division

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Palestinians are one nation and one leadership regardless of the several national working parties in the Palestinian field. They all, in every village, camp, or city confirm their rejecting stand against the deal of the "disgrace", former Palestinian Prime Minister said.

Former Palestinian PM, Rami al-Hamdallah, wrote on his Facebook official profile on Tuesday, "We call for ending up the division, having an official and popular movement to end up the occupation aggression, and supporting Palestinians' rights who have been always punished for their steadfastness.


Al Hamdallah pointed out that the American-Israeli decisions are basically meant to break the Palestinians' peaceful resistance and criminalize them by holding meetings or workshops.

The former PM stated that the deal of the century denies Palestinians' rights and doesn't fulfill their national perspectives. "The only one to decide our destiny is "us"; Palestinians," he added.

In the same context, the current Palestinian Prime Minister, Muhammad Ishtyah, said on Monday that Manama conference aims at adding legitimacy to the Israeli entity, describing this American initiative as weak step and its outcomes as futile.    

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