Bahrain Conference And Deal Of Century

A General Strike Hit Gaza And West Bank In Rejection Of Bahrain Conference And Deal Of Century

A General Strike Hit Gaza And West Bank In Rejection Of Bahrain Conference And Deal Of Century
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Gaza-Gaza Post  

 General strike hit on Tuesday all the Gaza Strip provinces, in rejection of the Bahrain conference scheduled to be held today in the capital Manama under the rejection of the Palestinian and Arab popular public, while popular rallies took action in the occupied West Bank for the same reason.

   According to local news stations, the strike paralyzed all institutions of the private sector, companies, shops and markets.

   The Follow-up Committee of the National and Islamic Forces yesterday announced a comprehensive strike today in all governorates of the Gaza Strip to include all walks of life in protest against the convening of the Bahrain Conference.

   It also called on the populations of the Palestinian people either in Gaza and the West Bank and in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 and in the Diaspora to participate in events and conferences against the conference aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause.

   It was also announced to organize a parallel national conference in the Gaza Strip this evening to emphasize the Palestinian position rejecting the deal of the century and its outputs.

   It is noteworthy that a comprehensive strike was planned in the occupied West Bank at the invitation of Fatah movement, but was later canceled and confined to popular rallies.

   The adviser to the US president and his son-in-law Jared Kouchner revealed on Sunday the economic details of the "deal of the century" to be discussed at the Manama conference in Bahrain on June 25-26, noting that donor countries and investors will contribute about 50 billion, including 28 billion will go to the Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza, 7.5 billion to Jordan, nine billion to Egypt and six billion to Lebanon.

   The Bahrain conference is due to be held on Tuesday, aiming to implement the economic aspect of a plan known as the "Deal of the Century", which seeks to liquidate the Palestinian cause, in exchange for investments in Arab countries.

   Despite the refusal of some Arab countries to participate in fear of implementing the "Deal of the Century" on the ground, countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Morocco announced their participation in the Bahrain conference aimed at presenting the economic benefits that can be brought by the agreement to liquidate the Palestinian cause. Meanwhile, before the conference US President Donald Trump took preparatory steps about sensitive issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Written By: Tariq Rami al-Sharif

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