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Palestinian PM Talking About Bahrain Conference And How It Will Affect Palestinian Issue

Palestinian PM Talking About Bahrain Conference And How It Will Affect Palestinian Issue
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Gaza-Gaza Post

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Ashtiyeh said that the content of the American conference in the Bahraini capital of Manama is thin, its representation is weak and its output will be futile, and Palestine's rejection of it and its non-participation has delegitimized it.

   The Prime Minister said at the start of the Palestinian cabinet meeting in Ramallah on Monday that the solution of the Palestinian issue is political, ending the occupation and enabling us to control our resources and build an independent economy.

   He added that peace and prosperity of the Palestinian people must be achieved by calling on Israel to stop theft of our land, piracy of our assets and seizure of our natural resources, and to end its occupation, stop the settlements and eliminate its consequences besides lifting the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip since mid-2007. 

   As for the financial situation, Ashtayeh said that Israel is still holding our money. The financial situation is difficult, but we are steadfast in our position not to give up and not to receive our money. We will not accept Israeli piracy or considering our families and martyrs as terrorists. 

   The Prime Minister welcomed what has happened in the emergency meeting of Arab finance ministers held to help us deal with the financial crisis and expressed the hope that the Arab safety net would be translated into reality.

   The Palestinian Cabinet praised the initiative role of the private sector to lend the government, which is still in the stages of study, and will be announced in detail when translated into reality, stressing that the private sector has always been a vital national component in the Palestinian cause.

   The Prime Minister called on the companies to carry up their responsibilities and ease the burden of the employees through finding mechanisms to simplify the obligations or to postpone part of them so as not to harm the interest of either party.

   He pointed out that the Ministries of Education and Higher Education have continued with the educational institutions and universities in the country to take into account the financial conditions of the students due to the difficult financial situation, and there are positive signs from a large number of universities that facilitated the registration process for the students, calling on the rest of the universities to follow suit.

Written By: Tariq Rami al-Sharif

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