Widespread Israeli Anger and Demands For A New Aggression on Gaza

Widespread Israeli Anger and Demands For A New Aggression on Gaza

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Gaza Post-Palestine 

A Knesset member furiously disputed the Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, because of the incendiary balloons fired from the Gaza Strip on the Gaza envelope settlements.

In a statement issued on Monday, the member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs Defense Committee, Moti Yogev, said that the balloons burn fields, adding, bombs are still fired on the Israeli forces through the fence.   

Yogev pointed out that the settlers residing around the strip are the ones whose strength and steadfastness are eroded.

He continued, "The procedures taken by the government until the moment haven't changed the realities." Adding, "Taking action regarding "terrorism" is the only way to restore security and safety for the residents of the Gaza envelope."

From his side, Oded Forer, the MK of "Israel Betito" party, said that the answer to the "riots" on the fence is to exert all of the government's efforts to reach an arrangement instead of taking decisive decisions.

"The response to the incendiary balloons from Gaza is to insert helium to Gaza," he added.

According to Forer, "Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is currently busy buying political calm and all decision-makers are nodding their heads to him.

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