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Bolton Arrived In Jerusalem To Discuss Iran File

Bolton Arrived In Jerusalem To Discuss Iran File
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 US national security adviser John Bolton arrived in Israel to discuss regional issues in an unprecedented tripartite meeting with his Israeli counterpart Meir Ben Shabat and Russian Nikolai Patrushev, Israeli media reported on Saturday.

   According to the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Bolton is expected to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday morning ahead of the Jerusalem meeting, which will lead Iran's agenda.

   Russian national security adviser Patrushev said earlier that Moscow would take Iran's interests into account and would present Tehran's views on Israel and the United States.

   According to Reuters news agency, a senior US official told that Washington and Tel Aviv will strengthen Moscow on the need to withdraw Iranian troops from Syria and will ask the Russian side proposals on how to counter Tehran's influence in the region.

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