Deal of the Century

Deal of Century will lead to a bloody battle, Israeli General says

Deal of Century will lead to a bloody battle, Israeli General says

The 'deal of the century': US blessing for Israel's land theft and ghettoisation of the Palestinians

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Gaza Post- Palestinian Territories 

Translated by: Rewaa A. Helow

US administration plan carries serious and bloody risks for Palestinians and Israelis, the former head of Shin Bet Security Service, an Israeli official said.  

Israeli General, Ami Ayalon, told Yediot Ahranot news reporters that both sides; the Israeli and the Palestinian, shall be warned of these risks.

"The way to hell is furnished with good intentions," Ayalon said.

He added, "So accusing Palestinians of rejecting peace as being said by President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister will definitely lead the region to a long-term escalation that will harden any negotiations or dialogues between the two parts.  

Trump's efforts at this stage by exporting the economic solution with the Palestinians bring back the same mistakes made by the Israelis after signing the Oslo Accords with Palestinian Authority in 1993. According to Ayalon.

The desperate attempts by the US administration to hold the Bahrain Economic Conference next week occupy the top news headlines. According to an Arab website.

In his statement, Ayalon expressed that starting to carry out this complex process is not a tactical mistake for managing the dialogue between Palestinian and Israeli sides only, but a strategic destructive mistake too.

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