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Tibi: Dissolving Israeli Knesset "graves" Trump's Deal of Century

Israeli Knesset

Israeli Knesset

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Gaza Post- Occupied Palestinian Territories//

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn't succeed to form a new government despite the fact that he and the Israeli right-wing party gained the majority of votes, Dr. Ahmed Tibi, Arab Deputy Speaker of Knesset, said. 

Dr. Ahmed Tibi said in a statement for Gaza Post, "The failure of forming a new government goes back to the personal disagreement between Netanyahu and Lieberman for, allegedly, disputing on the so-called "recruitment" law.

However, the fact of the dispute is that Netanyahu didn't give him the chance to be the minister of security as proved by old leaked conversations between them.

The MK added, "Benjamin Netanyahu dissolved the Knesset before he is forced to inform the entity's president about his failure to form the government."

"This failure would be a flagrant political blow to Netanyahu," said Tibi. 

The Arab list, in return, voted to dissolve the government. While Tibi didn't confirm that the right-wing party will not win again because most of the Israelis support it.

There is a big possibility for the right-wing party to participate again in new coalitions in the coming elections that are going to be held next September. According to the Arab MK. 

He went on saying, "Dissolving the Israeli government may delay or bury the so-called" Deal of the Century" because the White House and the Israeli Prime Minister office work in full harmony."

He added, "The White House Agenda is associated with Netanyahu's. So the Arab list will be glad to dissolve the Israeli Knesset and wipe out Trump's plan that has been a clear conspiracy that violates the legitimate rights of the Palestinians." 

Tibi pointed out that the joint list rejects Trump's deal and the American administration's invitation for attending Bahrain conference, expressing that holding a conference about Palestine without its attendance is definitely "illegitimate".

Written in Arabic by/ As'ad Beiruti 

Translated by/ Rewaa Abu Helow