Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Condemned American-Israeli Arrogance Against Palestinians

Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Condemned American-Israeli Arrogance Against Palestinians
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Gaza-Gaza Post 

Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants condemned on Sunday in strongest terms the American-Israeli arrogance against Palestinian people, their lands and rights. 

   The ministry warned that the Trump administration and its cautious team will make more disastrous decisions in the coming stage to support the Israeli right-wing headed by PM Benjamin Netanyahu, all at the expense of the rights of Palestinian people.

   The ministry also said in an official statement that the absence of the clear international responses to the ramifications of the Trump administration on international law, human rights principles, international legitimacy, UN resolutions, encourages Israel's ruling right-wing to commit more isolation violent on the Palestinian people and their land.

   In this regard, the ministry pointed out that the ruling right-wing in Israel is racing in time to carry out its Judaizing colonial plans for large parts of the occupied West Bank, with an unlimited support of the Trump administration and its adherents, which conforms to its positions and religious ideologies.  

   The American generosity of Netanyahu is reinforced and deepened at the expense of the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people, as has been clearly demonstrated by President Tramp's ominous decisions and absolute American support for settlement and Judaization and support for right-wing tendencies Israeli law on settlements, which was publicly acknowledged by the president of the American Republican Party in Israel, when he said: "Friedman's statement about the annexation of parts of the West Bank to Israel was not just a "slip of the tongue” but was in coordination with the White House.

  The ministry said in its statement that this unlimited congruence between Washington and Tel Aviv is seen on the ground and on the daily basis of the majority of Palestinian areas, the last of which is the Palestinian communities which are subjected to the narrowing and forced displacement of citizens and demolition of homes and facilities and deprive citizens of the exploitation of their agricultural lands in various ways military arguments In the end, to evacuate the lands of their owners in favor of settlement.

   "In the occupied Jerusalem, the Judaization process continues in an accelerated manner through the escalation of the demolition of Palestinian houses and installations inside and around the city, as the intensification of the intrusions of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to devote its temporal division until it is divided spatially.” Ministry said.  

   The ministry is seriously considered what was reported by the Israeli media about a poster of the old city landmarks prepared by the municipality of the Israeli occupation without showing the Dome of the Rock during a ceremony in which PM Benjamin Netanyahu participated, in addition to the announcement of doubling of the Israeli government measures to prevent any activities of the state’s institutions in Jerusalem, and the imposition of fines and penalties of up to imprisonment for those who participate in these activities or to provide assistance to them.

Written By: Tariq Rami al-Sharif

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