Palestinian prisoners

Demands of hunger strikers in Ashkalon prison

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Gaza Post-Gaza

Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees’ Committee revealed the most prominent demands of  Ashkelon prisoners, who are entering an open hunger strike.

The Committee said, on Wednesday that the prisoners in "Ashkelon" prison, will enter  a hunger strike next Sunday in order to meet a number of their demands.

The most prominent of these demands are:

  1. Stop barbaric incursions into prisoner’s rooms.
  2.  Abolish the unjust sanctions imposed on prisoners.
  3. Providing suitable medical treatment to prisoner patients and providing operations for the following prisoners : (Basel Al-Na'asan, Yasser Rabai'a, Haitham Halas and Mohammad Barash)
  4. Dental implants for prisoners in the presence of specialized doctors.
  5. Install cooling devices in the hallway section and large fans in the yard section.
  6. Switching television stations, returning the detainee's representative, inserting clothing regularly and introducing books.

The committee confirmed that upon these demands are:

  • Processing a place to prepare their meals.
  • Taking photos with their families.
  • Re-running hot water during daylight hours.
  • Allowing unrestricted purchase of fruits and vegetables.

The Committee said that this step was in response to the prison administration's obstinacy in removing the sanctions imposed on the prisoners and continuing to impose several arbitrary measures against the detainees.

The most important of these was the transfer of the detainee's representative Nasser Abu Humeid to Nafha prison.

Noteworthy, the prison administration has been practicing, for a long time, a number of unfair procedures against prisoners in Ashkelon prison and repeated transport policies.