New Israeli settlements

New Israeli settlements to be constructed in Jerusalem

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Gaza Post-Gaza


Palestinian Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Ministry condemned the decision of the Israeli Ministry of Housing it’s intention on the construction of 805 settlement units in occupied Jerusalem, confirming that this is the implementation of an expansionist colonial plan approved two years ago.

The Ministry confirmed that this construction falls within the framework of the settlement occupation measures aimed at Judaizing occupied East Jerusalem and its surroundings, by isolating it from its Palestinian surroundings and flooding it with Jewish settlers and replacing them with the place of its inhabitants and its original citizens.

Meanwhile, the Ministry reiterated its assertion that the settlements are illegal and void, considering that this is not only a flagrant violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions, but also a test of  the international community  ability to defend and protect its principles and values and its credibility in fulfilling its legal and moral responsibilities towards Palestinian people.