Palestinian prisoners

Palestinian prisoners under administrative detention

Palestinian prisoners under administrative detention
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Palestinian prisoners Auda Al-Horoub and Hasan Al-Awiwi, from Hebron in the West Bank, continue their open hunger strike for 49 days in a row refusing the decision of their administrative detention.

Palestinian Prisoners' Club confirmed that the detainees have been transferred several times since the start of their strike. During the past three weeks, the transportation operations have been concentrated in the occupation civilian hospitals with the deterioration of their health conditions.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club added that there is no serious dialogue so far on their cause, and that the Israeli authorities deliberately procrastinate in response to their demands, in an attempt to break their will.

Noteworthy, prisoner Auda Al-Horoub, 32, is from the town of Deir Samet and has been detained since December 2018, and is a father of ten children.

While prisoner Hasan Al-Awiwi, 35, has been detained since 15 January 2019. He is a father of three children.

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