Cave of the Patriarchs massacre

The twenty-fifth anniversary of The Ibrahimi Mosque massacre

 The twenty-fifth anniversary of The Ibrahimi Mosque massacre
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Today, marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the massacre of the Cave of the Patriarchs, also known as  "The Ibrahimi Mosque massacre "

 On 15th of Ramadan the Jews accompanied by settlers  opened direct fire at Palestinian worshipers in the Cave of the Patriarchs in the city of Hebron  in the occupied West Bank.

 The massacre was carried out by American-Israeli Baruch Goldstein.

Goldstein was a member of the far-right Israeli Kach movement during the overlapping religious holidays of both Jewish Purim and Muslim Ramadan,  Goldstein opened fire on a large number of Palestinian Muslims who had gathered to pray inside the Ibrahimi Mosque at the Cave of the Patriarchs compound in the city of  Hebron in the occupied West Bank. The attack left 29 people dead, several as young as twelve, and 125 wounded.Goldstein was overpowered, disarmed and then beaten to death by survivors.

The massacre immediately set off mass Palestinian protests throughout the West Bank, and during the ensuing clashes a further 20 to 26 Palestinians were killed, and 120 injured in confrontations with the Israeli occupation forces, while 9 Jews were killed.


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