Aisha Al-Lulu died crying alone

Raped childhood and a Blood-thirsty Murderer

Raped childhood and a Blood-thirsty Murderer
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Gaza Post-Eman Tallouli


Over ages, and since Palestinians have been expelled from their homeland and their houses have been demolished, this occupier still insists on practicing all categories of violations and ill-treatment against Palestinians expressly children.

71 years of injustice and maltreatment, yet the world is carelessly watching without liability.

Five-years old Aisha Al-Lulu, accused of being a Palestinian, passed away alone and terrified .

She died far away from her mother’s safekeeping with begging tears which cried please don’t let me die alone!

Unable to talk or move she left!

On May 17 the five-year-old child died in the hospital in Jerusalem after a convoluted surgery removing a cancerous tumour from the brain stem and died due complications after the surgery.

Last April, Aisha arrived Jerusalem from the Al-Bureig refugee camp in central Gaza Strip alone after Israeli occupation authorities prevented all her family members from accompanying her during her on going surgery.

In an interview Aisha’s father said that Aisha left the Gaza Strip with the accompany of a woman who was not a member of the family.

“Each time we called Aisha, she enters a hysterical crying”, her father says. “ For long ten days she kept crying whenever we called her, then we decided to stop calling especially after doctors confirmed that she has entered a psychological trauma.”

Her father added that according to doctors Aisha slipped into a comma as a result of the bad psychological state she went through due the far distance that separated her from her family during her treatment journey.

Aisha died alone!


According to statistics, till late 2017, 400 cancer cases left Gaza through Erez crossing every month, while the ability of the hospitals in Gaza is seriously  limited in providing adequate diagnosis and treatment due to chronic shortages of medicine and lack of medical equipment.

World Health Organization(WHO) reported that 54 Palestinians, 46 of whom had cancer, died in 2017 following denial of their permits.

In 2018, only 1,301 patient companion applications were approved, while 256 applications were denied.

As reported by WHO, “Restrictions to accessing essential health services are one of the major barriers to the right to health for Palestinians living in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

We need not more “Aishas” dying alone!










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