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Try this dish in Ramadan

Try this dish in Ramadan
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This dish is a healthy dish that can be processed easily and in a short time.
A small integrated meal which contains various types of vegetables, as well as chicken breast or any other type of meat.
Sweet bell pepper
green pepper
 Yellow corn
Corn oil
Variety of spices (Cardamom/ chili powder/ black peppercorns/curry/grill spices/paprika)
How to prepare
//Prepare chicken before two hours//
*Wash the chicken with water and flour.
*Add some lemon and salt then wash with water.
*put  the green peppers with garlic salt and spices on the breast pieces .put it on the fridge.
*Cut vegetables into small pieces.
*In a pot on the fire put some of the corn oil and then add onion and green pepper.
*Add chopped vegetables and continue moving until they begin to mature.
*Add the chicken breast and continue stirring and add spices and salt as desired.
*Reduced fire under the pot for a quarter of an hour until cooked chicken breast.
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