Boycott Eurovision

Boycott Eurovision
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Gaza Post-Eman Tallouli

To be known as Eurovision Song Contest, it is produced by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) a public service media organisations made up of 117 member organisation in 56 countries and 34 associate members from a further 21 countries.

The Eurovision song contest is an international song competition held among the EBU countries. One of each participating countries perform an original song on live television and radio.

Recently, there have been plenty calls to boycott the Eurovision Song Contest this year in view of the fact that it is being hosted in TelAviv.

Meanwhile, a group of Gazans artists announced a call to boycott the international music competition Eurovision which is supposed to take place in TelAviv next week. Noteworthy, over 60 Palestinians were killed by IOF during Gaza border protests last year, the same day Israel won the Eurovision.

On its side, the Palestinian Artist Association said that Israel is using the event to bolster the brutal apartheid regime and promote injustice.


Not long ago with the boycott campaigns, 50 public British figures signed an open letter calling for moving the contest to another country upon the alleged Israeli violations. One the most registered the letter of former Roger Waters, an anti-israel activist who has been criticizing artists performing in TelAviv over the last several years.

However, a group of British celebrities signed a letter asserting a boycott of the Eurovision song.

Even with the repeated calls for the boycott campaigns still some countries have confirmed participation in the 2019 Eurovision contest including: Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Russia, Cyprus, Finland, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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