Battle of Truth

“ Ihbid194” the Battle of Truth

“ Ihbid194” the Battle of Truth
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Gaza Post-Eman Tallouli

Under the false story which is always told by the Israeli occupation, and among the current circumstances in Gaza specifically and Palestine in general; in the name of truth, in the name of dignity , in the name of freedom “Ihbid 194” begins.

What is “Ihbid194”?

“ Ihbid 194” a Palestinian phenomenon which appeared recently, is an electronic army involving an elite group of Palestinians youth, defending and affirming the truth story of the continuous Israeli violations towards Palestinians.

They believe that media should play its role and reveal the truth on what is actually happening on the ground.

Through  the latest attacks on the Gaza Strip, media supporting Israeli story  launched a campaign counterfeiting facts on what is happening. Using lies and fake stories, Israeli media story was about to reach its wish when a group of educated conscious Palestinians fought lies with evidence and foresighted dialog.

Noteworthy, the activities of the Ihbid194 campaign is to monitor the offensive and misleading publications and comments in order to clarify the truth to uninformed followers who has been deceived. Meanwhile, such actions will urge followers to search for the truth from another source.

The known official statement of “Ihbid 194” movement which was underlined by one of the leaders of this campaign “ Ahmad Jouda” on his Facebook page, stipulated the following:

“In the name of Allah,

In the name of Palestine,

In the name of the “Ihbid 194” the most dynamic phenomenon in the history of the conflict between us and the Israeli occupier,


We continue our campaign to denial the occupier who tries to convince Western countries about lies.

It’s our national and moral duty to defend our history roots in this land. Hand in hand, to revive in the outside world minds, especially the European community, which is responsive to constructive dialogue and discussion supported by evidence, documents and facts.”

“To the army in “Ihbid 194” movement,

Move between their pages regularly. Let your speech and comments be your own. We are here to solve a problem not to create one.

We are continuing this qualitative tactical approach and we must comply with the comments we have published without insulting.”


Among the targeted platforms through this campaign was Facebook and Twitter, persuading followers with proof and true facts about the ongoing Israeli violations against Palestinians.

The strongest campaign was a fortune of Eurovision 2019, as the electronic army “Ihbid194”, called on a BDS movement on this event which took action in TelAviv, while many reservations  were cancelled upon BDS movement.

Within the targeted platforms were:

_ Jewish Agency Newspaper.

_ Facebook Page of Brazil President’s son.

_International Fox News newspaper.

_CNN newspaper.

_Ivanka Trump through Twitter and Facebook.

Long with others.

Its noteworthy that the number (194 ) refers to the United Nations Resolution of 11th  December 1948, which provides  the establishment of International Committee to determine the status of Jerusalem and the right of Palestinians refugees to return to their homes, who were abandoned by Jewish gangs during the Nakba on May 15, 1948.


Written by: Eman Tallouli

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