Goodwill Ambassadors in Gaza

"Goodwill Ambassadors" An initiative to Clean Gaza Streets After the Israeli Attack On It

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Gaza Post- GAZA//

A group of young Palestinians from Gaza decided to take the initiative to clean up the neighborhoods destroyed by Israeli warplanes in the recent Israeli aggression on the coastal enclave. 

During the past few days, Gaza underwent massive airstrikes by Israeli warplanes and artilleries, leading to the killing of 27 Palestinians and the injury of more than 100 others.

"Goodwill Ambassadors", is the name the group gave for their initiative. They organized campaigns and gathered many activists to clean neighborhoods and remove rubble stationed on the roads and around houses. 

The Israeli airstrikes targeted at least 830 buildings, causing complete and partial damages and leaving many Palestinian families with no shelter to live in.

Rewaa Abu Helow

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