PA is on verge of collapse

Does Netanyahu want PA to collapse?

Does Netanyahu want PA to collapse?

Israeli Prime Minister

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Gaza Post- Agencies// 

Regarding the financial crisis that is currently hitting the Palestinian Authority, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is concerned about its possible collapse. 

"The Israeli TV Channel 12 had reported a meeting between the Israeli PM and his financial Minister Moshe Kahlon to discuss the PA's financial crisis. According to the Palestinian newspaper AL-Resalah.


According to the channel, Netanyahu is worried that PA's refusal of receiving some tax revenues collected by Israeli authorities might lead to its collapse. 

A new UN report found the PA is on verge of economic and political collapse as its employees have only received 40 to 60 percent of their salaries for the second consecutive month.

"PA-Israeli relations are built on security cooperation and this pushes Israel to look for alternatives to end the PA's crisis. According to the Palestinian economic expert at Al-Najah University Na'el Nussa. 

Speaking to Al-Resalah, Musa said," Israel's interest is to keep the PA alive without making it strong. It is using all means to prevent the PA's collapse." 

The expert also said that Netanyahu asked his European partners to help solve the PA's crisis, expecting that Israel will continue to withhold PA taxes revenues until the formation of a new Israeli government. 

On March 31, Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon signed an order to deduct 42 million shekels from taxes collected by Israel on behalf of PA. This came in accordance with the law passed in February that stipulated deducting Palestinian prisoner stipends from the PA's coffers. 

Source: MEMO


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