Gaza Under Attack

Gaza observes Ramadan in Sorrow

Gaza observes Ramadan in Sorrow
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While Muslims all over the world were preparing to observe Ramadan in joy and happiness, Gazans received it with bombings and Israeli missiles.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and the holy month of fasting, begins and ends with the appearance of the new moon. Fasting,  which is called “Sawm” among Muslims, is the obligation of refrain between dawn and dusk, from food, drink and all forms of immoral behavior including unkind thoughts.

After sunset prayer, Muslims gather in their homes to break their fast with “Iftar” meal which is shared with family and friends.

This year, here in Gaza, Gazans will break their fast on their broken hearts and loss of their babies. They will have their ‘Iftar meals’ on their damaged homes for the sake of a malevolent Israeli occupation who decided to end an innocent life just to satisfy the instinct of hatred and racism.

Saturday the 4th of May, Israeli forces started an air attack on Gaza, targeting safe civilians in their homes. The attacks continued for two days targeting buildings, cars, and even motorcycles.

As a cause of the Israeli warplanes bombings, 27 Palestinians  were martyred among them 3 children and pregnant women, according to Health Ministry in Gaza,  while 130 buildings were completely flattened to the ground and 700 buildings partially were damaged.

Joint Operation Room of Palestinian Resistance in response to the brutal Israeli attacks, bombarded Israeli settlements with home-made missiles to emphasize Palestinian’s right in defending their land.

The whole world should know that this land is Palestinian.

Written by: Eman Tallouli






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