Israeli deceiving

This Is How Israel Deceives People

This Is How Israel Deceives People
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Gaza-Gaza Post

Have you ever heard of projection? they do the shit to terrorize people, and then project it as others are doing it to them, this is the oldest cheapest most vile trick in propagandist foundations, oh IsraHell you make Joseph Goebbels proud, you still claim to this MINUTE that you are defending yourself from terrorists to provide safety to the Israeli people, yet there is only one terrorist and mankind enemy.

 Zionism (encapsulated in jesuit illuminati masonic control to a new world sale), at least 240 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air strikes since July 8, many of them children, medics in Gaza said, with an NGO based in the .coastal enclave saying 80 percent of the deaths are civilians

EIGHTY PERCENT and you still dare to pretend 99% efficiency on weaponry buildings? get fucked I hope someday all zionists is-real-hell-lies will choke on their lies with their snake tongue, they are a disgrace and a shame to Judaism and anything that may be destroyed by the truth should and will.

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