Names of martyrs

24 Palestinians killed since Israeli flare-up beginning.

24 Palestinians killed since Israeli flare-up beginning.
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//Gaza Post-GAZA
Israeli Occupation's airstrikes on Gaza Strip update, 5/5/2019 - 9:47 pm
As a result of the ongoing Israeli escalation  for the second consecutive day, the total death toll for today reached 24 citizens, (inclouding two  pregnant mothers and their unborn  sons, two infants, and a child), in addition to 154 people were injured so far.
* Martyrs//
1  Imad Muhammad Nasir 22 , in the northern Gaza Strip
2 Saba Mahmoud Abu A'rar, a year and a half east of Gaza.
3 Falestine Saleh Abu A'rar 37 years east of Gaza.
4 The unborn fetus "Abdullah Abu A'rar" .
5 Khaled Mohammed Abu Qliq 25 , in the northern Gaza Strip.

6  Mahmoud Subhi Isa 26, in the Middle zone of Gaza Strip.
7 Fawzi Abrd ElHamid Bwadi 24, in the Middle Zone of Gaza Strip.
8  Bilal Mohammed al-Banna east of Shujaiya
 9 Abdullah Abu al-Atta east of Shujaiya
10 Hamid Ahmed Abdul-Khudri 34, center of Gaza
11 Mohammed Abed ElNabi Abu Armana, 30 , Brij Camp.
12 Mahmoud Samir Abu Armana, 27, Brij Camp.
13 Mousa Hussien Moa'amer, 24, Rafah.
Martyrs Zionist targeting of the northern Gaza Strip just a few days ago they /
14 Abd al-Rahim Al-Madhoun, 22 .
15 Fadi Ragheb Badran, 31, north of Gaza Strip.
16 Amani Al-Madhoun, 33,north of Gaza Strip.
17 Ayman al-Madhoun, unborn son of his mother Amani.
1. Maria Ahmed Ramadan Al-Ghazali, 4 months old.
 20 Ahmed Ramadan Ragab Al-Ghazali, 31 north of Gaza Strip. 
21. Iman Abdullah Musa  Osrof, 30 north of Gaza Strip.
22. Abed El-Raheem Mostafa Taha Al-mahoun, north of Gaza Strip. 
23 Hani Hamdan Abu Sha'ar, 37, Rafah.
24 Abed El-Rahman Talal Atia,12, north of Gaza Strip.


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