Great March of Return

Palestinians In Gaza Are Still Holding On Their Right Of Return; 57th Friday



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Gaza Post-GAZA// Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are preparing to participate in the protests of the 57th Friday of the Great marches of return and breaking the siege, under the name of "Golan Heights Are Syrian Arab.” 
The Highest commission of the Great March of return had called on the Arab and Palestinian masses to participate in the events of the "Golan Heights are Syrian Arab" in order to affirm the unity of the Arab nation and the common destiny with the Syrian people and all Arabs. 

The Commission warned the occupation of procrastination in implementing the understandings of breaking the siege, calling on Egypt to continue its efforts to end the Palestinian division and facilitate and increase the number of passengers through the Rafah crossing border.
Hamas spokesman, Hazem Qassem, said that the events of the 57th Friday of the Great marches of return under the title of the “Golan Heights are Syrian Arab” which will take place along the Gaza Strip borders. Adding “this participating confirms the common destiny of our Arab nation."