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Is There Any Remarkable Developments At Palestinian Arena?

Is There Any Remarkable Developments At Palestinian Arena?
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Gaza-Gaza Post

A member of Hamas political bureau, Suhail al-Hindi said that Egypt has brokered to reach understandings between Hamas and Israeli occupation through meetings with the Palestinian factions’ leaders in Gaza and then he stressed that Hamas is committed to what was agreed between the Palestinian factions headed by Hamas and the Israeli occupation under an Egyptian auspices.
    He added that Israeli occupation has been implemented some understandings, but they are holding sway in many of them as there are national and international efforts to implement these understandings. Adding “Hamas is committed to implement the understandings as long as the Israeli occupation does.

    Al-Hindi pointed out that the terms of the understandings are related to expand the fishing area from 6 to 15 nautical miles, improve the industrial section in the Gaza Strip and provide the needed fuel in order to make up the electricity deficit in Gaza.
  He also pointed out that these understandings are intended to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza as well as breaking the Israeli siege which has been imposed on the Gaza Strip for more than 12 years. Adding that the Palestinian people suffered a lot during the years of the blockade and they are still suffering.
   He praised the role Qatar has been playing in The Gaza Strip because they provided material and moral contributions to the Gaza's residents. Adding " Qatar's projects have become tangible in the Gaza Strip."  
  "The marches of return are considered as a national decision and it will only be stopped by a national decision," he said. “It has achieved many goals, one of which was shed light on stabilizing the right of return, furthermore, it cannot be stopped as it constitutes a pressure on the Israeli occupation.”
  He stressed that the “deal of century” is doomed to failure and will not succeed. Adding "US President Donald Trump doesn’t have the ability to pass it on the Palestinian people."

   al-Hindi also stressed that the highest Commission of the Great March of return is calling upon the populations in the Gaza Strip to broadly participate in the protests of al-Nakba anniversary which will be held on May 15th along the Gaza Strip borders, close to Israel.
  He concluded his speech saying that there are no differences between Fatah and Hamas movements as well as Fatah movement has an honorable history of struggling on the Palestinian arena against the Israeli occupation but the dispute with the leadership of Fatah movement represented by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Adding that our demand for Fatah is to return for the Palestinian arena to develop a national plan to face the "deal of century" that plagued the Palestinian cause. Al-Hindi pointed out that there are no meetings between Fatah and Hamas for reaching a Palestinian reconciliation and we are ready to meet anyone to face Trump's administration plan.

   In light of that Palestinian writer and political analyst, Mustafa Ibrahim said that the understandings between the Palestinian factions and the Israeli occupation have become a concern for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip because they are the most who affected by the Israeli siege and the wars launched by the Israeli occupation, especially after the Palestinian factions’ commitment to implement the understandings by stopping some of their ”excessive” tools they were using before reaching the understandings.

   Ibrahim added that the Israeli occupation also committed to implement some of the understandings that were to expand the fishing area, stop mistreat the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prison, stop the jamming devices and establishing public telephones for them, which is considered as a commitment by the Israeli occupation but that came after the Egyptian side mediated to make a pressure on them to implement those understandings.

   He stressed on that there is a near-satisfaction on the part of the Israeli side regarding to the understandings reached between the Palestinian factions and the Israeli occupation and in return the same satisfaction by the Palestinian factions despite the procrastination of the Israeli occupation by implementing some of them as Hamas movement said that many of the understandings took place immediately and some of them will take a long time to implement, but there is a fear of what Israeli occupation is doing now to pass the “deal of century” on the Palestinians as well as there is a fear of linking to improve the situation either in the Gaza Strip or in the West Bank with implementing the “deal of century”, adding “Israeli occupation has not taken a decision to lift the siege they have been imposed on the Gaza Strip since mid-2007, as all what they do is providing some facilities.” 

   Meanwhile, Secretary of Fatah's Revolutionary Council, Fayez Abu Eitah, said that Fatah had made every effort to delegitimize the relationship with Hamas movement through reconciliation and ending the division. However, Hamas insists on keeping the Reconciliation Government away from the Gaza Strip as they hampered their work there which caused failing to implement the Cairo agreement [the last agreement was signed between the two movements to end the division and achieve a Palestinian reconciliation.]

   He added that facing the “deal of the century” requires practical steps from Hamas movement as that deal is considered the most serious on the Palestinian cause and it also requires concerted efforts in face of ending the Palestinian division. Adding “Fatah movement is looking extremely serious to the statements of Salah Bardawil, a leading member of Hamas movement. “How can it be possible to form a national body away from the frameworks and bodies emanating from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) the only legitimate and sole representative of the Palestinian people and any alternative will increase and deepen the Palestinian division.” Abu Eita said.

   Abu Eita pointed out that the “deal of century” needs an unconditional approval from Hamas movement and the completion of the Palestinian reconciliation does not need more meetings with the Egyptian mediators but needs to apply what has been agreed upon in the Cairo 2017 agreement as it is a detailed and practical agreement to implement the previous agreement which was in 2011, so Hamas must start implementing what was agreed upon, first and foremost allow the Reconciliation government to fully work in the Gaza Strip.

   Abu Eita explained that Fatah does not refuse to reach a truce agreement between Hamas and Israeli occupation, but the truth is that it is supposed that any negotiations with the Israeli side should be through the official frameworks and that the authorized in these negotiations is Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and every truce agreement must be within the framework of the national project that serves the Palestinian cause not as expressed by Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu to maintain a special status in the Gaza Strip by keeping the divide and not allowing them to achieve a national unity and Fatah are fearful of these intentions that recently expressed by Netanyahu

Writtin By: Tariq Rami al-Sharif

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