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Suspending Hunger Strike

Suspending Hunger Strike
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Gaza Post-Gaza

 Palestinian prisoners Hossam al-Raza (61 years) and Muhammad Tabanga (38), both from Nablus, suspended their open hunger strike after reaching an agreement with the Israeli prison administration not to renew their administrative detention.

Detainees and Ex-detainees commission said in a press statement, on Thursday, May 02, 2019  that the prisoner Al-Raza had ended his strike on Wednesday evening, and is scheduled to be released on 13/7/2019.

The commission added that the prisoner suffered bad health conditions during the strike, noting that he suffers from infections in the liver and kidneys and high blood pressure, while he lost weight of about 25 kg.

It is noteworthy that Al-Raza was detained in 17/4/2018, and spent 18 years in Israeli detention camps and a father of four children.

The commission also revealed that prisoner Mohammad Tabnijeh suspended his open hunger strike on Thursday morning and is scheduled to be released on 26/6/2019.

The prisoner Tabnijeh is currently suffering from pains in his feet, hands and head, while Israeli prisons administration continues to impose violations on him. Meanwhile, his family is forbidden to visit him.

The prisoner Tabnijeh has been detained since 28/6/2018 and he is  a former prisoner who spent several years in the Israeli detention camps and the father of two children.

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