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Why does PA refuse European Proposal to Solve its financial Crisis?

Why does PA refuse European Proposal to Solve its financial Crisis?

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Gaza Post-GAZA// An Israeli newspaper revealed on Thursday morning that Palestinian Authority rejected the European proposal to solve the financial crisis that it is experiencing nowadays due to the Israeli deduction of its taxes revenues.

Palestinian officials told the Israeli Haaretz newspaper that PA didn't accept the European proposal presented during the meeting of donor countries held to pay the salaries of prisoners due to their low economic situations.

Israeli Haaretz quoted the head of Detainees and Ex-detainees Commission Qadri Baker saying, “Prisoners are freedom fighters.

For us, they are members of the security forces. So, no Palestinian leader at any level must accept such a proposal.”   

The proposal was suggested on Monday to help find a solution for the PA's worsening financial crisis and compensate the deduction of their taxes revenues.

“We can't pass the attempt to present prisoners as beggars at any level. Israeli, the United States, the Europeans, and the international community must realize that. This is a fundamental issue for Palestinian people.” Baker added.

Another senior official in Palestinian Authority told Haaretz that the attempt to harm Palestinian prisoners has been a part of the Israeli-American behaviors in recent months.

These acts aimed at damaging the Palestinian national symbols, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and badly affecting UNRWA operations in Palestine.

“They want to turn the issue of Palestinian prisoners into a socio-economic case in order to decrease their national interest on the agenda. We will not allow that to happen because no one will accept such a compromise,” he said.

Israel has recently deducted the PA's taxes revenues, under the pretext that Palestinian Authority transfers about 63% of its budget to Palestinian prisoners and families who take the main role in acts of terrorism. Accordingly, Palestinians refused to receive the taxes after the deduction.

Palestinian officials in Palestinian Authority said that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has no intentions to make concessions on this issue and he insists to receive non-deducted revenues.

Earlier in February, Israel had deducted the PA tax revenues. Therefore, PA has refused to accept any of the tax transfers.

Rewaa Abu Helow

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