Auga River in Jericho



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Auja River in Jericho

Palestinian youth volunteer cleaned, on Thursday, the Auga River in the city of Jericho in the occupied West Bank.
Auga river is a tourist place, which tourists come and enjoy the wildlife there.  Palestinians in Jericho and other Palestinian cities visit the river and enjoy their day in summer times.
The Auja River is the source where water flows from the ground through about 2000  water spring where the quantity of water provided by this group of eyes is not fixed. The flow in winter reaches 15 m3 per second and falls in summer to about 5 15 m 3. The Auja River runs continuously throughout the year.
After Nakba in 1948 water was drained and sewage was diverted from the Israeli settlement where the water of the river was polluted and unfit to drink or even swim.