Wednesday, May 1, marks the "World Labor Day"

International Workers’ Day

International Workers’ Day
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Today Wednesday, May 1, marks the "World Labor Day", which is considered an annual holiday, disrupting all workers in all fields. The first of May was chosen to commemorate fallen workers and labor leaders, who called for eight hours of work hours per day and improving working conditions.

The origins of this feast are attributed to the Great Strike which took action in Chicago, United States of America, in 1886, when the United States and many European countries changed, at that time, from capitalism to imperialism.

Capitalists continued in increasing work hours times their in order to stimulate economy rapid development while workers worked 14 to 16 hours a day and received few wages.

This extreme persecution has angered the workers, realizing that their union and struggle against the capitalists through strikes is the only way to achieve reasonable living conditions and put up the slogan of the strike, the “Eight Hour Work System”.

In 1877, the first national strike in America's history began. The workers staged a major demonstration and took to the streets. They called on the government to improve working conditions, to live, to shorten the work to eight hours a day, and to increase the number of demonstrators.

Under these great pressures, the US government put a law in place to determine the daily working hours , but the capitalists never complied with this law. They continued to exploit the workers, and the workers continued to work without interruption.

In October 1884, eight Canadian and American unions met in Chicago, and decided to enter into a comprehensive strike on May 1, 1886, to force capitalists to apply the eight-hour labor law. On May 1, 350,000 workers at more than 20,000 US factories stopped working and took to the streets in a massive demonstration. These large factories were paralyzed. The government tried to suppress the demonstration by force, sparking the struggle of workers around the world. A month later the US government was forced to implement the labor law for eight hours effectively.

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