A Group of Al-Quds Open University students visited IMP Headquarters in Gaza; Profile Of The Company

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Gaza-Gaza Post
    A group of Al-Quds Open University students, studying at the New Media Collegue visited Gaza Post company headquarter in central the Gaza Strip in an introductory visit in a briefing of media field.

    We enjoyed talking about the principles of the digital media and other things which are related to the media in general and gave them some hints and experiences we have had during our work as journalists, writers and editors either in Gaza Post website or in our WhatsApp groups.

     It is noteworthy that IMP company main goals are to provide the best services and qualities in media production, including video and audio. 

     The company offers all services to television, satellite channels and TV networks, as well as to newspapers, bews agencies and magazines throughout professional and dedicated teams, specialized in various areas of media production; video and print journalism. 

     Finally, Ink for Media Production (IMP), is a profit joint stock company, founded by Saud Abu Ramadan, a veteran journalist from Gaza in late 2010. As he invested 29 years of experience in visual media production and print Journalism in both English and Arabic.

Written By: Tariq Rami al-Sharif