A survey to gauge interest in Disney's new streaming service yields a few surprises.

Subscribers planning to Cancel Netflix for Disney

Subscribers planning to Cancel Netflix for Disney
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A study by the website Streaming Observer in partnership with data analysis firm Mindent Analytics. conducted earlier this month, found that 12.3% of current subscribes said that they might cancel Netflix and get Disney+ while another 2.2% will definitely cancel Netflix once Disney+ is available.

 Certain limitations regarding the Streaming Observer survey should be taken in consideration. First, the study gathered data from just 602 current Netflix subscribers, which is a small number for a survey of this type (the survey methodology said it had a margin of error of +/-4%). The larger the sample size, the more reliable the findings.

Another important consideration, noted in the results, is that just because people say they will cancel, doesn't mean they actually will. Chris Brantner of Streaming Observer said, "Of course, the reality is, many people who threaten to cancel won't actually follow through and do so."

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