Gaza Graffiti Exhibition

Dreamers Getting Out of Rubbles: A New Graffiti Exhibition opened in Gaza

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Gaza Post - GAZA// Rewaa A. Helow

On the rubbles of the Italian Compound in Gaza city, Palestinian artist Ali al-Jabali inaugurated his first artistic exhibition entitled "Dreamers Getting Out of Rubbles".

The exhibition is the first of its kind to display, in one place, large graffiti paintings that portray the suffering of Palestinians inside the besieged Gaza Strip.

The 26-year-old artist drew his paintings on the walls of the Italian Compound that was targeted by Israeli warplanes in 2014.

Graffiti art is the art of writing and drawing on walls in order to deliver political and social messages and is considered one of the forms of modern art.

The exhibition consists of four large mural paintings and other different-sized oil paintings hanged on what is left from the destroyed compound.

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