Palestinian Prisoners

Will Palestinian Prisoners continue their open hunger strike?

Will Palestinian Prisoners continue their open hunger strike?

Hunger Strike

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Gaza Post - GAZA

Six Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli occupation jails have been going on an open hunger strike for more than 20 days in a row.

The prisoners announced their general hunger strike to protest the Israeli punitive measures such as issuing orders of administrational detention against them and installing cancer-causing phone jamming devices.

We list you the names of prisoners who are still carrying out the hunger strike:

  1. Hussam al-Rouza, for the 38th day.
  2. Mohammed Tabnaja, for the 30th day.
  3. Khaled Farraj, for the  31st day.
  4. Hassan al-Ei'waiy, for the 24th day.
  5. O'uda al-Haroub, for the 24th day.
  6. Mohammed Hashem al-haymouni, for the 29th day.

It is important to mention that Israel holds 5,450 Palestinian prisoners, including nearly 200 administrative detainees (people held without charge), according to the latest figures from Jerusalem-based Palestinian prisoners' rights group, Addameer.

Most are held in jails inside Israel, in contravention of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which requires that an occupying power hold prisoners from an occupied land within that area.

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