Christians in Gaza

Despite the Israeli Ban, Thousands of Christians in Gaza Decide to Celebrate Easter

Despite the Israeli Ban, Thousands of Christians in Gaza Decide to Celebrate Easter

Christians of Gaza

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Thousands of Christians in Gaza Celebrate Easter Despite the Israeli Ban

Gaza Post – GAZA

 The Israeli ban has deprived thousands of Christians residing in the besieged Gaza Strip from celebrating the Easter this year in Church of Holy Sepulcher in Occupied Jerusalem.

Our Christian brothers and sisters in Gaza couldn't celebrate their Eid so their happiness was not completed.

Instead, they headed to Dir al-Latin Church in Gaza city to do their religious rituals.

 Christians of Gaza have been awaiting for any solution that enables them to get travel permits in order to celebrate their Eids with their friends and families in the second part of Palestine "the occupied West Bank".

The Public Relationships Director of Orthodox Church in Gaza Kamel Ayyad said in an official press statement earlier this week, "Palestinians in Gaza and Christians, in particular, have experienced this year the same suffering of every year. "

He added, "Thousands of them have been prevented from celebrating in Jerusalem and praying inside the churches of Nativity and Holy Sepulcher. Accordingly, they have been deprived of doing religious rituals without any justification or prior reason. "

Amid these atmospheres of banning, Christians send at Easter their wishes of love and peace from the blockaded coastal enclave to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and all the Palestinian cities.

Milad Ayyad, a Christian citizen from Gaza city is one of the those who were deprived of traveling to Jerusalem and celebrating the Easter. He said, "The Israeli ban didn't discourage them from feeling the joy of these celebrations."

He went on saying, "The Israeli decision to ban us from celebrating Easter this year in the other part of Palestine aimed at narrowing Christians' freedom. Adding, "And this is equivalent to the restrictions imposed on our besieged Palestinian people in Gaza."

Written by/ Rewaa Abu Helow

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