How to make cold cocoa balls?

Want to make delicious snowballs? Read the following:



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Gaza Post – Gaza

What about enjoying the taste of delicious cocoa and the magic of the taste of biscuits with coconut? It takes you to a place of psychological comfort while you have a good time with a cup of coffee in a quiet evening. If you like solitude or love to sit with your family or friends on a stroll to a beautiful place, make these cocoa balls.

I will give you my own recipe for this cold dessert:


butter cutters(3 tbs)

A cup of sugar

A cup of dry milk


cocoa powder powder(4tb)

A Packet Vanilla Powder

3packets of tea biscuit.

250 gm  coconut powder

3 cups of water.

How to prepare the balls:

Put in butter bowl and add sugar with stirring on low heat.

Add milk and vanilla and keep on stirring.

Add water, flour and cocoa, and keep stirring on low heat to boil.

Mix until  the mixture becomes coherent and homogeneous then wait  until it cools.

Break the biscuits into small pieces and then add them to the previous mixture.

Form balls from  the previous mixture and roll it on the coconut.

Keep the balls in the fridge  until they cool dawn.

Bon Appetit

Alaa al-Fasees