Dreams immigrating

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Gaza Post-Alaa' Al Fasees

Statistics showed that 35 thousand young Palestinians migrated from the besieged Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing towards Turkey and European countries during the past year.

As wide as a space I feel pain deep in my heart towards those who were painting the image of our nation and now are leaving our land gradually.

Through days, a fellow, a relative, colleagues and friends  migrates from the besieged Gaza Strip escaping from the tragic bitter reality and searching for a better future somewhere in another space.

In attempt to understand their reasons, motives and predecessors, I asked some of them about their motives of migration and here comes the answer.

Anas Miqdad ,25, who works as a dentist said, "In fact, I chose to immigrate from the besieged Gaza Strip two years after graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Azhar university, due to the absence of viability through our future as Palestinians in a city under siege.

He added that the destruction caused by the Israeli occupation and internal political division in Palestine, made him decide to look up his future far from his own land to reach a better future.

“ Immigrating was a difficult decision after six years from my study of medicine and working as a volunteer in several local institutions in an attempt to challenge conditions we go through in Gaza.”

 Hassan Matar, a 24 medical student at al-Azhar university said, “ Migration has become a dream for most Palestinian youth of all educational and professional levels who find no suitable place to live in Gaza or to achieve their dreams although they are aware of the unknown destination they are attending.


Mai Salama, 28, said to Gaza Post, "I graduated from Al-Azhar University medical analysis field 6 years ago, I did not get a job though I encourage migration in order to achieve a better  future where our qualifications are appreciated.”


Elaf Elzaanin ,27, told Gaza Post, "I graduated from Al-Azhar University Medical analysis field 5 years ago, despite not having any chance to work, I didn’t think for once to leave my homeland or my family or my dreams, believing that one day I will achieve my dreams.”

Mervat Abu Shanab, 33, mother of two children, said: "I graduated from  Faculty of Commerce 10 years ago and still haven’t find a job yet. I have a desire to immigrate in order to find a better future for me, my husband and my children. Here in Gaza there is no hope .We don’t  have other options.”

Hanaa Al- Zaeem,19, said "I study nursing. I live in a city that is always suffering from wars and attacks from the Israeli occupation. If I do not get a job I will volunteer to serve my homeland and people."

In the same context, Fidaa Shaat said, "I have got a diploma in Business Administration and a bachelor's degree, while I have never had a job or a temporary employment opportunity, despite the conditions in Gaza I do not think about emigrating, I will stay in my home with family and friends to live in dignity better than humiliation abroad."

Most opinions agreed with searching for better future in another country.

A big lie seems to dominate the minds of creative Palestinian talents, under the heading of “ bright future”.


Edited by:Eman Tallouli.