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Palestinian Prisoners' Cause Is Our Priority; Haniyeh Said

Palestinian Prisoners' Cause Is Our Priority; Haniyeh Said

Hamas Politburo Chief, Ismail Haniyeh

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Gaza-Gaza Post 

Head of Hamas politburo chief, Ismail Haniyeh during a session of the Legislative Council on the anniversary of the Palestinian prisoner's day said: 

"I support the Palestinian prisoners' document as a political program to agree on this stage and I support starting all the steps that are based on this document, as we consider it as a Palestinian consensus."

    “stressing on that, cutting the salaries of prisoners and the families of the martyrs is a stab in the back of prisoners and their families.

” He said 

    Haniyeh continued his speech saying that I declare as deputy and former prime minister that I will not receive my salary in solidarity with the families of the prisoners, and my salary will be will be distributed to a number of families of prisoners who are not paid their salaries.

   " The prisoners' solution to their organizational bodies brought a message to the occupier [Israel] that they were going to the farthest end, and that they would turn the table." Haniyeh said

    "Israeli forces used the most painful fist against the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, especially in the prisons of Negev and Ramon, so there were wounds, fractures and diseases."

    "Palestinian prisoners faced Israeli prisons’ service violations by escalating steps when they burned a whole section."

    "Efforts are under way to reach understandings to solve the Gaza Strip cause as its residents live in a plight and it could collapse if tensions and violations within the Israeli prisons against Palestinian prisoners continue."

    "Before the war of 2014, there were incidents inside the Israeli prisons, in which our people in the West Bank and Gaza interacted with it. This interaction resulted in the abduction of 3 settlers by Hamas military wing, al-Qassam Brigades in Hebron."

    "We asked the Egyptian mediators to inform the Israeli occupation to lift all the sanctions imposed by the Israeli Prisons’ Service, in which to remove the jamming devices, providing a decent life for our prisoners, and allow the families of prisoners from Gaza to visit them." 

  "Gaza is not only thinking of its intents,  as the march of return and breaking the siege is not just its goal to end the humanitarian crisis, Gaza is living the national cause with all its files."

   " We said to the leadership of the Palestinian prisoners: the decision you will take and defend him no matter how much we will sacrifice as we are always will be with you and will not abandon you."

     He concluded his speech saying that Israeli occupation forces wanted to make the issue of prisoners as a paper of bidding in the Israeli elections.

Written By: Tariq Rami al-Sharif


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