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Abbas: Talks With US Administration are Useless

Abbas: Talks With US Administration are Useless
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Gaza-Gaza Post

Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas stated in an official statement that the talks with the US administration are "useless" and It's not that important.  Arabs48 reported yesterday.

During the first meeting with the new PA government, which sworn in on Saturday, he said: “The coming days will witness very difficult developments.”

He added: “The first challenge ahead of the new government is the ‘deal of the century’.”

“We rejected this deal from the beginning because it did not include Jerusalem and we do not want a state without Jerusalem or without Gaza.”

Regarding the Israeli deduction of the PA taxes, he said: “Israel collects the taxes in return for a three per cent fee. It deducts whatever it wants and tell us: this is your portion.”

“So, we said: We will not get the taxes until we agree on every penny you deduct… Israeli officials said they would discuss this issue after the elections… We are waiting.”

Source: MEMO



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