March Of Return

Great March Of Return Injuries; Painful Moments

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Gaza-Gaza Post

Cruel memory
Mohammed Abu Hilal, a 23-year-old, a resident from Deir al-Balah refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, recalls the day he was shot by the occupation, describing it as "the unforgettable day of his memory.

" When I was standing among the peaceful participants, In front of the separating fence which separates Gaza and Israel, I looked up but the Israeli sniper grabbed the right moment for shooting me and I could not find myself but I raised my hands up and tried to return quickly but the bullet was faster than me, I fell on the ground and did not turn around until I woke up in an intensive care room at Al-Aqsa Hospital. 

 A year after the beginning of the Great March of return in 2018, the correspondent of Gaza Post toured the houses of some of the wounded in these peaceful marches, which the occupation met brutally and barbarically to hear and convey to us what the testimonies of the wounded on the first anniversary of its launching and what was achieved after a year of weekly protests, achieving its goals and what those who are injured wish in the coming days.

Iron insistence
The injured Abu Hilal told the Gaza Post website that "His injury was not a barrier to his determination to participate in the protests of the Great March of return protests on the eastern border of the Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip to break the unjust siege imposed by the Israeli occupation 12 years ago."

Abu Hilal also said that when he was transferred by the medical staff to the hospital in the moment he got shot, they described his condition as serious, as the eyewitnesses who accompanied him to Al-Aqsa hospital for taking his treatment and follow-up his health confirmed his martyrdom, describing what happened with him as a miracle that brought him back to life.

 Continue until getting your rights
For his part, Amer Abu Al-Qumsan, 30, said that he will continue to participate in the Great marches of return until he achieves all the human and civil rights of the Palestinian people, expressing his readiness to pay an expensive price so he can live in dignity like the rest of the world.

 He also added that the achievements of the Great March of return are many and the most important of which is the return of the Palestinian issue on the international table after ignoring it for many years and issuing the report that came out of the Human Rights Council as the Israeli occupation war crimes and perpetuates the occupation attacks against peaceful demonstrators on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip. 

 Abu Al-Qumsan pointed out that the Great March of return and breaking the siege has been playing an important role during the participation of the Palestinian youth who played a prominent role in annoying the Israeli occupation forces day and night. 

 Abu al-Qumsan hopes to lift the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and live a decent life like the rest of the world, pointing out that his injury will not discourage him from participating in the Great marches of return protests. 

 The age of flowers
Ahmed al-Bardini told the Gaza Post: "He was injured several times but those injuries did not prevent him from returning to participate in the Great marches of return protests in order to lift the Israeli siege and to demand for the marginalized rights of the Palestinian people wo were being kicked out from theirs lands in 1948 in light of ignoring the mediators to make pressure on the Israeli occupation to lift the siege imposed on the coastal enclave. 

 Al-Bardini said that his participation was not only in the Great March of return but he is also participating in the all peaceful popular demonstrations on the borders of the Gaza Strip since US President Donald Trump declared that Jerusalem is the capital of "Israel,” stressing on the need to meet the demands of the Palestinian people to break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip besides returning the rights of the Palestinian people under international laws. 

 Al-Bardini pointed out that he used to work in many fields until the day he was injured, he is now staying in the house and needs someone to feed his family performing that after he was the breadwinner after his father's illness and his staying at home from before.

 A timed life
For his part, the wounded Mohammed Akram al-Bardini said he had suffered various injuries, one of which could cost him his life, where he was shot in the head and feet and shrapnel in his eyes in addition to various wounds throughout his body.

 Al-Bardini sent a letter to the Israeli occupation saying that If they [Israeli occupation] want to live, they should lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip so that the Palestinian people can enjoy their land which the Israeli occupation has stolen from them. Adding “this is the smallest right anyone can ever get in the world.” 

 He is messing the days before his injury, where he was playing football with his friends, went to the school and the smile wasn’t leaving his face in that time, but now he became attached to the mattress and the house has reduced all wishes to recover from his pain and return to his normal life.

 Al-Bardini added in every Palestinian house you will find either a martyr or a wounded person. This is the policy of the Israeli occupation, which is used to pass his plans and conspiracies against the Palestinian people.

Translated By: Tariq Rami al-Sharif

Written in Arabic By: Asa'ad al-Bairouti