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Gantz calls on World's countries to support PA

Benny Gantz

Benny Gantz

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Israeli foreign minister Beny Gentz on sunday night callled the world's countries to provide financiall support to the palestinian authority .


The Israeli ministry said in a press statment, " It's important that America, European Union and Doner countries to support the palestinian authority".




The statment clarified that this support will protect the palestinian authority from collaps and it will enhance the relationship with lsraeli goverment.


Gantz's statment was during conference organized by the university of california in los angeles (UOLA) entitled "earth" .


It stressed need of strength relations with the palestinian authority and to build confidence among them .


Gantz added, "These countries should invest in improving the palestinian lives and starting project to progress the palestinian econonmy .


Gantz emphazied that this support is necessary to maintain the regional stability.