Israeli settlements

EU reconfirms its opposition to Israel's settlement expansion policy

A demonstration in  European Union

A demonstration in European Union

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The European Union reaffirmed on Friday its demand that the occupation halt settlement expansion in the occupied Palestinian territories, warning that any additional adjustments to the pre-1967 borders that are not agreed upon by the parties will be rejected by the group.


"Settlements are illegal under international law and pose a significant impediment to the realization of a two-state solution and a just, enduring, and comprehensive peace between the parties," said Josep Borrell's office in a statement.


The declaration stated that any alterations to the pre-1967 borders, particularly those pertaining to Jerusalem, that are not agreed upon by the parties would be recognized by the union.

The EU has encouraged Israel's government to reverse recent actions that are incompatible with continuing attempts to de-escalate tensions and instead focus on advancing real re-engagement between the two sides.

“The EU will continue to encourage initiatives toward a long-term peace between Israelis and Palestinians,” it continued.


The West Bank, including East Jerusalem, is considered occupied territory under international law, making all Jewish settlements there illegal.